NEW CLIENT — NONA handbags

At the intersection of fashion and modernist design there exists the upcoming label NONA. Founded in 2017 by Anona van der Linde, the Antwerp-based brand has become synonymous with elegant design with a raw touch.

Each piece by NONA is handmade in her atelier in Antwerp, Belgium on a made-to-order base. Exquisite tailoring and uncomplicated design are the hallmarks of the young designer’s evolving aesthetic.

NONA believes in consistent ideas. By creating designs that maintain value and style over time and do not lose quality, NONA is a timeless brand. From time to time new materials and colors get explored. The young Belgian label aims to create style, something that is maintained and nourished over time. NONA delivers a singular collection that stands the test of time and therefore effortlessly brings her story into the future of fashion.

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