We're proud to introduce jewelry label NimZu, known for its minimalistic accessories with a refined and elegant look and feel. Founded in 2015 by Natasha Casteleyn, the Belgian brand focuses on women who want to step away from fast fashion, and instead search for quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

'Wander and discover the world you live in' — NimZu was founded in Antwerp, but the admiration for the craft originated at a place much farther away. It was in Argentina that founder Natasha first came into contact with her own creativity and extensive case of wanderlust. And later, during her one-year honeymoon through Australia and South-East Asia, the seed was planted. Natasha discovered her passion for silversmithing after completing an apprenticeship with a Japanese silversmith. She later on decided to take up the craft full-time by launching her own jewelry brand: enter NimZu.

NimZu is known as a refined and delicate brand that stands for timeless jewelry pieces that are easily combined. Quality is key, and all forged pieces are created by Natasha in her small-scale atelier in Antwerp, Belgium. For her annual collections, which are inspired by her countless journeys, she's taken to working with a Barcelona-based atelier. After leaving the city upon getting her Film and Photography degree, the capital of Catalonia has thus re-entered her life.

In addition to the annual collections, Natasha has also launched a Birthstone series, in which ones birthstone is incorporated into a ring or pendant. Moreover, engagement and wedding rings have also become part of the brand's array.

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