New client — N-ue, consciously crafted pieces that become your daily companions

It’s no secret that we at MARNIX and ALLY have a heart for strong sustainable (Belgian) stories. So when we heard the ecological journey of Priyanka Mehta, the founder of N-ue, we immediately knew that this was right up our alley. This ethical fine jewelry brand works with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. Curious? Then continue reading to find out why these delicate pieces are going to be your (new) favorite daily companion!

N-ue is founded by business woman and designer Priyanka Mehta. After years of experience, she took a new approach to the jewelry industry by designing high-quality and versatile pieces in an alternative way. By working with lab-grown diamonds instead of natural stones, the brand is eliminating mining, which isn’t environmental friendly, from the creation process. The techniques used afterwards are the same as with natural diamonds, which results in exceptional, qualitative ànd sustainable pieces. But Priyanka saw an opportunity to limit N-ue’s environmental footprint even more: working with recycled gold. Repurposing this material in creating new jewelry doesn’t contribute to the polluting effects of gold mining. That’s why this way of working embodies her belief in “luxury without compromise” perfectly.

All pieces by this Antwerp-based brand are minimalistic and very delicate. The beautifully handcrafted fine jewelry feels like your second skin and is your timeless go-to accessory to wear on your daily adventures. N-ue makes it easy to make a conscious choice, while having an affordable price point for their high-quality, elegant must-haves.

MARNIX and ALLY is happily overseeing all aspects of strategy and PR for N-ue. We’ll be sharing some exciting news very soon because this beautiful brand has recently designed a new engagement collection “Moon”. So stay tuned for more information about this exciting new project! - @nuefinejewelry

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