NEW CLIENT: MEPAL — Dutch kitchen all-rounder serves you a delicious dish of happiness 

It’s in the little things. Living a healthy and sustainable life without giving up on your daily comfort. That’s Mepal! Whether you are looking for a handy box for that tasty pasta or want to keep yesterday's quiche: Mepal always has a storage solution for your taste. On the go or in your fridge, in pretty pastels or stylish darker tones, in a smart, functional and beautifully timeless design, for your kids and for yourself, for cosy outdoor picnics or fun family dinners.

Memory maker & happiness facilitator. Mepal is always and everywhere where life takes you. For all those small, happy moments. So take them with you. They cannot be broken. Because they’re there for life.

Mepal takes care of you and our planet. Because of their family friendly storage & lunch boxes, drinking bottles, dinnerware, bowls and kitchen accessories they provide your immediate fix against plastic and food waste. Mepal encourages you to take care of your things. The majority of their products are made from high-quality 100% recyclable plastic and, are therefor, completely 100% BPA-free. So goodbye disposable bottles and sandwich bags, hello years of pleasure from our sustainable bottles and lunch boxes!

MARNIX & ALLY is happy to oversee all aspects of PR & influencers for Mepal.

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