​NEW CLIENT: LESELLES — Luxurious, stylish and sustainable knitwear from Belgium​

Introducing knitwear label Leselles — colourful and cozy creations with a sustainable background. Founded in 2019 by Belgian entrepreneur Liesbet Allaer, Leselles is a physical representation of her predilection for items that are not only beautiful, but sustainable as well. Classy, timeless fashion that one can enjoy for years to come.

The story of Leselles starts with a visit to a friend's knitting factory. During this visit, Liesbet stumbled upon boxes upon boxes stacked with surplus wool. All these remnants would be thrown away without so much as a second glance. Upon realizing this, Allaer knew she wanted to go a step further. To create beautiful pieces for other women, while at the same time ensuring that wastage and pollution are reduced. Enter Leselles.

With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in e.g. fashion, Liesbet knows exactly what she is doing. Leselles is a knitwear label that produces scarves made entirely out of the very best, high-quality surplus mohair wool. As all pieces are created using wool remnants, all colours are limited and thus very valuable. Furthermore, Leselles consciously chooses not to use any plastic when packaging or during transport.

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