With much excitement, we proudly present our newest client: Laurence Delvallez. We’ve been dreaming for us to get together! Why? Because Laurence Delvallez is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a businesswoman, she’s a mother of three, but more importantly: she puts maximalism back on the fashion map with her handmade statement jewellery. — @laurencedelvallez_jwls — #laurencedelvallez

Since 2009 Laurence Delvallez has been creating exclusive jewellery in her atelier in Waregem, Belgium. Her handmade jewellery is characterised by its natural, warm and most of all elegant look. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Laurence cares a great deal about colour and texture. “By experimenting with the richness of colours, textures and shapes, I carry out a philosophy of new maximalism.”

Maximalism, of course, comes with its weight. That’s why Laurence designs with extra detail to the wearing comfort. Her designs are light, anti-allergic and nickel free.

With her statement jewellery, she hopes to help women express themselves and their identity. Or in other words: ‘Your jewellery is your superpower’.

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