NEW CLIENT — Gutsy, the (conscious) dog food brand for the ones seeking everyday adventures.

We are proud to introduce Gutsy, a new Belgian start-up, designed for the Gutsy lifestyle: a renewed way of living that focuses on an active, close connection between you, your dog and nature. The adventurous dog food brand develops a hybrid crunchy dog kibble. And who’s working on a go-to-marketing strategy for this young brand? You guessed it right – M and A.

Their story started 5 years ago. Founders Jack and Achilles met at university via a mutual friend. It soon became clear that they had one peticular thing in common; a shared love for dogs. So during their studies in Business Engineering they started building a brand for dogs: Gutsy was born.

They started exploring sustainable alternatives for dog food and decided to create something ‘outside the box’ for dogs, their owners and their love for the planet. Hybrid dog food. Hybrid? An innovative combination of chicken and insects that gives your dog that perfectly balanced meal. We’ll tell you all about this later when Gutsy is officially launched.

Our role? To create a go-to-market strategy. An authentic, creative storyline for a brand that cares. It’s essential to take care of the future by taking care of the present now. A lot of people are searching for or trying ecological alternatives, so why shouldn’t we do that for dogs?

Gutsy is driven by a thirst for adventure and has an unstoppable love for nature. Exactly what we love about them. We are happy to announce that we will shape Gutsy's strategy and that we will prepare them to launch in April.

In the next few weeks we will take a deep dive into the Gutsy lifestyle. Let’s feed this adventure!

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