Just. was founded by healthy food expert Klaartje Mertens. Having worked in the organic food industry for the past nine years, she couldn’t help but notice the absence of healthy, fresh baby-and toddler food circulating in the market. To offer her own son Lou the very best, she did a lot of research and relied on other experts in the field to increase her knowledge. Families shouldn’t have to choose between what tastes good and what’s right for their bodies. That’s why Klaartje founded just., to make life easier and to help you choose well – for your child, for yourself and for our planet.

Just. consciously opts for accessible, local and easily digestible veggies in their purées. This allows your child to gradually move on to solid food more easily. Besides that, all the just. meals are organic and vegetarian, some are even completely vegan. Would you prefer a fresh piece of meat or fish? Add them to the veggie purées and you’re good to go. Lastly, it’s important to notice that there is absolutely no dairy or eggs present in the purées. This way, there is a just. food option for every specific taste and need.

“ We are all imperfect parents, and that’s perfectly okay. Tiny humans need connection, not perfection.”
Klaartje Mertens
, founder of just.

The four values that just. is built upon are: reliability, unity, positivity and joyfulness. Just. communicates in a transparent but critical way so they can offer you and your child the best food experience possible. They are non-judging and on a continuous mission to put a smile on your (and your baby’s) face. Klaartje’s ultimate goal is to bring families together around the table to create cosy, precious moments with your loved ones.

Founded during a worldwide pandemic, today just. is available in multiple locations in Belgium. Check out their website for a point of sale near you. Because just. wants to grow along with your child, something special is coming up soon for the whole family (from 12 months old). So stay tuned for more!

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