M and A's 2022 in highlights


A year of growth. A year of creating, sharing and spreading beautiful brand stories. 2022 with its highs and lows, major achievements and milestones. And above all, a year in which
we build even more meaningful connections.

We’ve collected some of our prettiest memories below. Please read along with us.

Furthermore, we want to express and emphasize our gratitude. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your journey. We will never take that for granted.

Here's to a magnificent 2023 ▲

1. WOKE UP IN A CASTLE Still very pleased with our HQ in Antwerp, where we've made some pretty good memories the past year. You're always welcome.

2. GROWING TEAM — Five new members this year. We've brought more structure and added specific new roles. We couldn't be happier with the energy within the group...

3. MANDATORY — M and A's sister Mandatory came to life! An educational platform with courses, expertise... Work in progress. More on that very soon!

4. M AND A TURNED A DECADE — We celebrated and danced the night away. On to the next milestone!

5. M AND A PURPOSE — Practice what you preach. We've started engaging socially and we will never stop doing that. As a purpose-led agency, we highly value taking action ourselves.

6. REBRANDING — After ten years we were ready for an upgrade. The M and A triangle stands for innovation, sustainability and authenticity. The three main values we, as agency, want to represent.

7. EXPERTISE — More talks, lectures, workshops, webinars, e-talks, couch sessions, podcasts, white papers... We wanted to share what we know, and so we did!

8. PARTNERSHIPS — We are a proud partner of Start It KBC for all things brand building and PR. Very pleased to be part of such an inspiring community. We shared, experienced and yes, learned, a lot!

9. WELCOMING NEW CLIENTS — We are thankful that we can work with so many inspirational brands and thrilled to see that new brands find their way to M and A. Many times via existing clients! If you're happy with our work, please keep on sharing. We love it.

10. PRESS DAYS — We organized the 20th edition of our press days in November and celebrated in full M and A style. We've reached over 3.000.000 viewers via social media. Our network is on fire!