Interns Brinda & Esmee on finding their way to M and A

This Valentines day we welcomed two fresh faces to our team. Meet the Dynamic Duo: Brinda and Esmée, our interns for the next few months. We asked them a few quirky questions to get to know them better. To make this introduction more interesting, we created collages to describe the two of them. Let’s see if you are able to match the intern to her collage.

Hey Interns! Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose MARNIX AND ALLY.

Brinda: Born in India and raised in Belgium, I like to consider myself a very healthy balance of sugar & spice. Jokes apart, I love my Indian heritage but growing up in Antwerp has made me a waffle and Panos loving kinda girl. For the past three years, I was in London studying Business & Management and currently I’m pursuing my masters in Digital Media & society at KU Leuven. Outside my studies, I am also building my instagram page as a content creator, I am a freelance social media manager and I also co-run a women empowerment NGO.

Choosing MARNIX AND ALLY wasn’t even a question, I’ve been following their page and progress since the first lockdown and I loved the organisation, the brands they work with, their workspace and the fact that it is run by an all women team. So when the time came for me to apply for an internship, I knew who I had to email first.

Esmée: Hi there, I am Esmée, a twenty-one year old communication student from Pelt, in the northern part of Limburg. My passions are (analog) photography and cooking or baking new recipes. Besides that, you can always catch me reading a book or magazine with a cortado or cappuccino in my hand.

I’ve always been a creative person looking for a challenge in life. Writing, storytelling and overall being creative is in my DNA, so when I started to study Communications management it felt like a good fit for me. I am currently in my last year of my bachelors degree, so that means choosing your specialization. PR was definitely the right choice for me since I get the chance to think out of the box and get creative. My choice for my internship was actually an easy one. Sustainability is something that has been keeping me busy since lockdown actually. Aesthetically pleasing, holistic and conscious just called my name when I first saw MARNIX AND ALLY on Instagram. So I shoot my shot when they were hiring interns. And I am so glad that I did that.

What are you going to do after the internship? (Future plans and aspirations?)

Brinda: I will officially graduate with a Masters degree in September, but what will come after that is still a mystery to me. I don’t like making decisions without being a 100% sure about it. Sometimes this works in my favour, but mostly against because we live in a fast paced world that requires you to act fast. That being said, I want to explore more opportunities and get a little bit more clarity.

The only thing I am sure about at this moment is that the Digital marketing and Social media field is THE ONE for me. However, this field has developed so much in the past decade and created so many roles/options to choose from; PR, Content creation, Strategy management, Social media management, Campaign managers etc.I plan on spending the summer exploring more of my influencer side and hopefully coming to a decision. Who knows maybe someday I’ll want to come back to MARNIX AND ALLY and apply for an opening.

Esmée: In June, I will hopefully graduate from my bachelors degree, so from then on it is going to be a question mark. Just like Brinda, I go with the flow. You will attract what experiences are meant for you. So whatever comes on my path, I welcome it with open arms. Taking a step into this world and broadening my skills would be amazing after graduating.

Number one lesson the past two years have taught you.

Brinda: It all comes down to the simple joys. I’m sure it is very rewarding to be wealthy and successful. But if the world shuts down again, the success and a money isn’t what’s going to keep you going. It’s the relationships (with others & yourself) and the lifestyle you have built for yourself that will keep you happy.

Esmée: Simple! Enjoy more in the moment. Time can pass by so quickly and before you know it, the moment is over. Covid has really made me realise that time can pass by so fast, so better get the most out of it.

If you were a fictional character, which would you be and why?

Brinda: Definitely Phil Dunphy from Modern family so that I could live life to the fullest even through the hardest days. Also because I love his dad jokes and ‘PHILosophy’.

Esmée: No doubt, Marshall Erikssen from How i met your mother. He has such a wholesome character, funny and is non judgemental.

Describe yourself in 5 words

Brinda: Serial-chiller, Resilient, Creative, Optimistic, Diligent

Esmée: Eager, empathetic, food and coffee lover, social butterfly and calm

Two truths and a lie


  • My dads name is my middle-name
  • I don’t have a Netflix account
  • I am the first person in my family who went to get a masters degree


  • I have actually three names as my first name
  • I always have a camera in my bag
  • I have three tattoo’s