With its distinctive sound, JBL lets people listen ànd experience music. The sound of JBL, whether it’s coming through a headphone or a speaker, gives energy and makes every moment a little more special.

Due to corona many of us are bound to work at the home office. To make this transit a little easier, the M&A team felt passionate to encourage hardworking people during their office hours at home. And what is more helpful at the noisy home office with all its triggers - think renovating neighbors, partners in conference calls, kids throwing tantrums…- than noise cancelling headphones? Enter JBL.

Wireless, active noise cancelling, hands-free calls, 12h battery life,…these assets of the TUNE600BTNC headphones will all come in handy during work.

Since the M&A team was obliged to migrate to their home offices as well, our client JBL was so kind to include us in this activation too. We became the extension of the influencers activation! Now we can enjoy our free time with unique JBL Pro sound but also achieve optimal concentration during office hours. Proud to be brand ambassadors!

Thanks a million JBL for supporting us during these tough times! We are very excited to be working with you.

xo, team M&A