Our all-time favourite children’s store Het Land Van Ooit noticed that we’re missing something. What exactly…? The chance to hold our loved ones closely and show them how much we care. They couldn’t find a real solution, but would like to alleviate the suffering by launching a brand new mini collection.

Although the corona measures are systematically being loosened, there’s one very specific thing that we won’t be allowed to do for a while, and that’s hugging. Our kids can’t cuddle their friends or teachers, and grandparents and family members especially have hard time. There are plenty of new moms who are giving birth for the first time, but have to do so without maternity visits. To soften the blow, but also to keep raising awareness, Het Land Van Ooit has joined forces with everyone’s favorite pyjama brand: Woody!

Love Me Now, Hug Me Later… The message behind Het Land Van Ooit’s new collection is crystal clear. Together with Woody, they designed two bodysuits for your little one - a white one with a mint green print and a grey one with a white print. The HLVO team also created an accompanying t-shirt. Children from 3 to 8 years can choose between a model in ice blue or cream white.

The fun doesn’t end there! This collection also offers a helping hand to Belgium’s aid workers. The loss of the sticker sales has caused a massive drop in the Red Cross’s revenues, so Het Land Van Ooit happily donates part of the proceeds from this collection the Red Cross.

Would you like to contribute to this wonderful initiative?
The collection is available via the webshop and in the HLVO-store.


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