From food to PR — MEET JOSEFIEN

Introducing the foodie of the office: meet Josefien! While being a chef and a food know-it-all, Josefien is not here to cook around. She will be the newest PR member and might get us all hooked on her healthy lifestyle.
So today, we are opening our doors to Josefien Smet, our newest addition to the PR team.

Hi Josefien, can you give us a quick catch-up and explain what you’ll be doing at MARNIX and ALLY exactly?

Hi, I’m Josefien but most people call me Jos or Yosogreen. That last name is actually my side hustle as a freelance chef and online food creative. I love all things food- and wellness-related topics. I’m 30 years old and live together with my puppy Lifey. I love citytrips, coffee, loud music and good food. In my free time I love to discover new restaurants or visit my favorite city Berlin whenever I can.

As from today I’m joining the growing MARNIX and ALLY team as a creative PR consultant. I’m very excited to learn more about the agency and the clients!

Can you tell us about your background and education? How did these prepare you for your job at MARNIX and ALLY?

I actually have a background in advertising and communication. My path quickly changed into the food business. I founded a food blog and soon after, I got my first job in the kitchen. Later on, I started working as a chef and online food creative where I could combine my passion for food with my background in communication. I’ve done PR catering, recipe development for magazines but also social media content for several food brands.

I’ve gained more experience through past jobs and internships but the most recent years, I’ve worked as an influencer for food and lifestyle brands. I’m always interested in their way of working, branding and how they built their image. I can’t help it but when I see a brand, my creative brain immediately starts working.

What is it about our agency that drew you in?

I love the M and A vision to work with meaningful brands. The brands in their portfolio cover all the things I love: food, beauty and lifestyle.

Where did your love for food start?

At a very young age I decided to go veggie, that decision forced me a little bit to cook for myself. Later on, I went vegan and became more interested in holistic living. I’m just so fascinated how our physical health and mental health are all interconnected and all need good nourishment. I take food as my main starting point. Food really is medicine.

How do you think your experience in the food industry is relevant for your position now?

Honestly, I’m obsessed with food so I’m always on top of new trends and brands. When I discover something new, I’ll immediately check their branding and PR. I’m excited to work with the food clients at M and A.

How would you describe yourself as a seasoning?

That’s funny but chili powder? I’m very energetic, passionate and sometimes a little bold. I don’t like filters and fakeness. I also love everything hot’n spicy and I’m a hot sauce addict, so easy choice.

Is there a favorite quote you live by?

Your energy is your currency. When you ‘pay’ attention to something, you buy that experience. So when you allow your consciousness to focus on someone or something positive, you feed your energy.

Happy to have you, Josefien!

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