Fresh face at the office — HELLO FIEN

We don’t build a team on good luck, we build a team based on talent, skillset and personality. The moment we met Fien, we knew we found a new shackle. A link between communication and PR in this ever-evolving media landscape. With her experience in content and online marketing, and being part of the ‘influencer world’ herself, it was exactly what we were looking for. Fien will be taking a lead in the influencer department and she will combine this with the coordination of our internal communication.
Big plans ahead!
We are very excited to introduce you all to her. Read along to find out more…

Hi Fien, tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you’ll be doing at MARNIX and ALLY exactly?

Hello hello, my name is Fien! I’m a 34-year-old busy mom of two little girls from 3 and 6 years old and live in Antwerp with my little family of four. Five, when counting the cat too.

I’ve been working in the communication and marketing business since (and now I’m counting…) 13 years. I have a big passion for social media ever since it “exists”. Who remembers Myspace? Ha!

I’ve been working with influencers and working on influencers strategy since many years and would love to take this to a higher level at M and A. I’m very interested in lifestyle, sustainable brands and have a big love for photography, which takes me to another of my focuses at M and A: content marketing.

I graduated in journalism in 2009, so I love writing as well. I believe it’s a real art combining the best copy and image to draw the people’s attention.

You already have some experience. Why did you choose to change it up and join our team? How did your past prepare you for your job at MARNIX and ALLY?

The last 3 years I’ve been working in e-commerce marketing with focus on baby and kids lifestyle and I was ready to step into a new adventure to grow! The brands that M and A is working with really draw my attention. I love their vibe and it looks like a great team of women to work with. I’ve been following lots of their brands since a while and my eyes are always open to trendwatch and spot new cool, durable (Belgian) items and brands. I hope to grow brands with a great content and influencer plan, that’s what I’ve been doing since years already, so I can not wait do so at M and A.

What is it about our agency that drew you in?

I’ve been quite active on Instagram myself and have been following M and A for many years. Their esthetics, look and feel and brands really caught my eye. I’ve been visiting their press days and that’s where An-Katrien and I got in contact for the first time. They were looking for new talent, so I gave it a BIG go, and look where we are now! Yay!

What’s something you can’t live without?

When working as a content and influencer marketeer, it’s fair to say my phone is a necessity in my life. They always say my phone has grown onto my hands, so I guess this will be no lie. Next up? My camera, a Fujifilm X100v, is next in line. And black coffee. Always black coffee.

How do you see yourself grow in this chapter of your life?

I hope to share my marketing experience in the agency and hope to continue on growing my skills while the agency is growing too. I hope to meet a lot of interesting people and to go to work every day without really seeing the job as ‘work’. Going to work every day with a big smile on my face and having fun while developing my skills, is my main goal.

Describe yourself in five words?
First 5 words that came up: creative, active, excited, focused and loud, sorry!

Welcome to the M and A team, Fien! We're excited to have you.

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