M and A presents: the Fall Webinar Series

As the leaves begin to fall and the days grow shorter, we welcome autumn with excitement and inspiration. Marnix and Ally presents a series of webinars, each offering valuable insights that can impact the growth of your brand or business. We're here to expand your knowledge, ignite your creativity and inspire your growth. Our fall webinar lineup has been curated with care and attention, aiming to provide you and your team with valuable insights and tools for your success.


1. 19/10 - 12-13h
"Unlocking the Future: Decoding Consumer Behavior in 2024"
Expert: Katherina Kitsinis - brand strategist

2. 26/10 - 12-13h
"Beyond the Hype: Revealing New Strategies for Community Building vs. Influencers"
Expert: An-Katrien Dullers - communication strategist

3. 9/11 - 12-13h
"The Attention Economy: How Fashion Brands Capture and Sustain Audience Interest"
Expert: Nathalie De Schepper - senior communication manager, with focus on fashion

4. 16/11 - 12-13h
"Ethical Echoes: Mastering Responsible Communication in Today's World"
Expert: An-Katrien Dullers - communication strategist

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We'll delve into the world of the future consumer, explore the latest trends in community and influencer marketing, offer guidance on responsible communication, and dive deep into the needs of the fashion industry. Each of these four sessions will immerse you in timely topics and expertise from industry leaders. Whether you're a marketing professional seeking the latest trends, an entrepreneur looking to sharpen your skills, or simply someone eager to learn, everyone is welcome. And the best part? It's entirely FREE.

This fall, we're gearing you up for 2024.

Note: all webinars are in Dutch.

See you soon!