EVENT — Full madness with JBL Audio at Tomorrowland

And mad it certainly was! Our awesome influencer squad and team MARNIX and ALLY got to experience it all thanks to premium audio brand JBL. Feel the music!

JBL Audio manufactures sound systems that elevate your activities wherever you are. The top-notch JBL selection includes wireless headphones, portable speakers and first-rate soundbars. As a leader in exceptional sound, JBL constantly revolutionizes audio technology to bring more clarity, purity and power to sound and music. In other words: the ideal partner for Tomorrowland!

JBL approached MARNIX and ALLY for our extensive network. The JBL team requested an influencer squad of influencing people that represented the audio brand as a whole. We invited an interesting bunch of digitally savvy young influencers to join us for a fun day at Tomorrowland. At the festival itself, the audio brand went mad at its very own stage. As you walked through the arch of the LEAF Stage by JBL, you could feel the music literally come to life. Welcomed by a heavenly cold JBL cocktail, you just couldn’t prevent your feet from moving to the beats that were coming out the impressive JBL speakers.

It was a fantastic experience in which sound became tangible and turned everyone into a damn good dancer. Thank you, JBL!

Full PR approach and influencers outreach by MARNIX and ALLY

@jblaudio_bel — #feelthemusic

PR contact: claudine@marnixandally.com