Empowering the future: Marnix and Ally supports growing start-ups

Marnix and Ally have joined forces with Start it @KBC to embark on an exciting journey of supporting start-ups across diverse domains. With a shared commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, our partnership is geared towards providing invaluable assistance to emerging businesses.

At the heart of our mission is a focus on PR, a critical component in a startup's journey to success. We understand that effective communication is paramount for start-ups to connect with potential investors, customers and partners. Therefore, our primary objective is to guide these start-ups in crafting compelling and impactful press releases, enabling them to tell their unique stories to a wider audience.

We're thrilled to announce the initial four startups we're backing on their communication journey and we take great pride in introducing them to you.

uBee, developed by Wouter de Beukelaar, is a durable, lightweight, and easy-to-store urban transportation solution with a large carrying capacity. It quickly transforms from a luggage step into a trolley, offering a practical alternative to cars and cargo bikes.

uBee addresses the challenges of parking difficulties for carrier bikes and inconvenience associated with shared scooters or bikes. With a load capacity of up to 25kg and a removable bag, it aims to provide a versatile and convenient transportation solution for city living. Given our affection for the urban lifestyle, this sustainable project holds our full support.

Cursist is an online platform dedicated to clay and ceramics enthusiasts, founded by Nele Ostyn. Since it’s establishment in May 2020, the startup has experienced consistent growth. Today, it stands as the foremost knowledge hub, offering expert guidance, valuable insights, and a range of comprehensive online video courses.

Cursist not only demonstrates the feasibility of learning ceramics online but also underscores the growing appeal for online classes among curious creatives. Looking forward to 2024, the start-up has ambitious plans to expand internationally and we are delighted to contribute to realizing that goal.

SAM Sensory & More
Sam Sensory & More designs inclusive, low-stimulus clothing and accessories enhancing comfort and empowering individuals to navigate a sensory-rich world with confidence and well-being.The CalmDesign Bag, a newly introduced product, offers a comforting embrace with its weighted design, very similar to a gentle hug.

The Belgian brand has already captured the hearts and admiration of individuals worldwide by harmoniously marrying style and functionality. Expanding their efforts to help not just highly sensitive individuals but anyone dealing with stress is their commendable goal and we are the ideal allies to advocate and promote that message.

Heyu Drinks
Heyu Drinks is a brand of Premium Functional Mocktails: chic beverages that offer a non-alcoholic, health-conscious indulgence. Founded by Jonas Van Hemelryck, the brand provides a wholesome alternative for those who appreciate delightful flavors while prioritizing their well-being.

Heyu beverages are crafted with a quality blend of premium natural ingredients, enriched with active cultures and laced with plant fibers. They boast a low-sugar profile and steer clear of any artificial additives. When it comes to flavor, you've got options like Citrus Bitter, Passion Lime, and Spicy Peach Vanilla. At Marnix and Ally, we'll happily raise a toast to that!

Interested? We are right here!
We believe that a strong PR foundation and a well-crafted press release with the necessary follow-up in our network can significantly contribute to a start-up's success. Through our partnership with Start it @KBC, we aim to empower start-ups with the knowledge and resources needed to make a remarkable entrance into the world of PR.

So good to know, Marnix and Ally supports start-ups too! If you are interested in working with us as well, please send us an e-mail at info@marnixandally.com.

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