Well, that went by fast: our Press Dates have officially come to a close! Our what? As you know, we try to have as much personal contact as possible and this all year through. So even during the Rona-days, we invited members of the press to our Press Dates in our headquarters to keep them up to date on the latest news and upcoming collections. Of course, we upheld social distancing, a minimum occupancy and an open doors policy. From April 21 until May 12, journalists and stylists were welcomed to the M and A HQ for a chat and a personal tour in our lovely showroom. We discussed client-related (and not-so-client-related) novelties as well as editorial themes, upcoming trends and life as we’ve come to know it in this strange new reality.

We gave our dates an extra touch. As we all know, a large number of people lost (a part of) their income due to COVID restrictions and/or implications. That’s why we decided that this year we wanted to do something extra for our neighbor Kornél. Over the years, we’ve become regulars at Kornél and so it was only logical for us to give back. We teamed up and managed to hit two birds with one stone: we were able to offer a local business our support and make every visitor happy with the very best coffee, all at the same time. So long Press Dates, enter Coffee Dates. Upon visiting our HQ, each guest received a free cup of coffee to strengthen the soul.

Needless to say, our approach was a success! We succeeded in supporting a local business while offering happiness in a cup to everyone who joined us. We couldn’t be happier and we would love to thank every body who came over for their enthusiasm and the wonderful chats. We can’t wait to go at it again, cause you know… we need you ;)

Note: showroom is open, every (work)day between 9-17h, but you can always send an email to for extra questions or requests.

Thank you so much!

Team M and A