CASE WOLVIS — New campaign includes all-female team

Belgian brands faced a hell of a challenge in 2020. But despite the COVID-19 madness, wolvis designer Griet Depoorter created a new knitwear collection called 'Lieux de Mémoire’, inspired by memories. As the newest wolvis collection launched, designer Griet Depoorter turned to MARNIX and ALLY looking for brand ambassadors. We looked for authentic, timeless and ‘real’ people to connect to the brand, when we realised: ‘why look for brand ambassadors when you already have sincere brand lovers in your creative team?’

To give the newest wolvis collection 'Lieux de Mémoire’ an extra push, MARNIX and ALLY opted for brand ambassadors with real connections to the brand. We proposed Griet to put her team forward as ambassadors. In the end, they know, love and fit the brand better than anyone else and have been working with wolvis for years! They are the perfect people to share the wolvis warmth.

As Griet is a firm believer of ‘realness’ too, this campaign proposition was a hard ‘yes’ for her. Grateful and full of joy, she now honours her all-female team and involves them in her latest campaign for 'Lieux de Mémoire’. Unexpectedly, Griet wanted M and A to be part of it too: An-Katrien (founder of MARNIX and ALLY), who is working on the strategy part for wolvis, and Charlotte, Griet's personal PR executive. Who else is in the mix? Lies Poigne (copywriter), Bieke Depoorter (Griet’s sister and photographer), Griet Aesaert (close friend and handbag designer), Eveline Briand (stylist), Isabeau Goddé (intern and textile student).

"The wolvis family stands behind me and the brand. I am very happy with the people surrounding me who help build the wolvis story. After all, I entrust them with my 'baby' and they help wolvis with its positive growth. They spread and translate the wolvis love. I cannot express in words how important it is to have such brand believers as team members. My team members truly are the most authentic brand advocates I could wish for.” – Griet Depoorter, wolvis designer.

Griet Depoorter set off together with Belgian photographer Nathalie Samain and travelled all over Flanders to put these creative people in front of the lens. Beautiful portraits were taken and all ambassadors were gifted with their favourite scarf from the current 'Lieux de Mémoire' collection.

“This is the time to cherish existing connections. With this campaign, Griet responds to memories of the past while creating new ones with the people closest to the brand. ” – Charlotte, PR executive.

During the making of this campaign, Griet also interviewed all her team members about their connection and love for wolvis. Now, she drops a portrait with the accompanying interview every week on the wolvis Instagram page and website. Discover who the brand ambassadors are, what scarves they chose and what’s their greatest wolvis memory.

"I will never get rid of this scarf...For me, it is now inextricably linked to the day I was allowed to take a picture with my children for wolvis. A memory for life that is neatly framed." – An-Katrien Dullers, brand strategist at MARNIX and ALLY. -