If you’re wondering if you read the title correctly, let us asure you: you have! At MARNIX and ALLY we really love a good challenge. So when the new Belgian label lordsxlilies asked us to organize an offline launch event, we gladly accepted. With all safety precautions carefully applied - from a very specific guestlist with the right journalists and influencers, branded face masks and plenty disinfectant spray to a deliciously healthy breakfast wrapped up in separate recycled to go containers - we can proudly say we succeeded in creating an exclusive, safe and corona proof experience event during a worldwide pandemic. Note: the event did not take place during the lockdown!

Let’s start by introducing lordsxlilies, the new Belgian label of The Woody Group. This exciting brand brings a fresh, pure, and modern feel-good collection of home-, night- & leisurewear for romantic women who are looking for soft, comfortable clothing that suit their lifestyle. Besides launching an innovative new brand in challenging times, they are also the first to present “freewear” to the (Belgian) fashion scene. By being able to wear whatever you want whenever you want, they offer the ideal wardrobe essentials during (and outside) the pandemic. Working from home, (online) meetings and cocooning on your comfy couch without having to change your outfit for a quick run to the supermarket became the new normal in 2020. That's why this brand is a pioneer in establishing the perfect balance between 'work & play', responding to the current mindset of modern women today.

It was our job to bring this carefully curated spirit alive. First, we contacted a few relevant journalists to ask them which city, Antwerp or Ghent, they preferred. This way we were sure to get the maximum out of our guestlist and would not lose valuable attendees because of the location. After a thorough search for the right spot to host the event, we came across a rather unknown Antwerp-based boutique hotel on the Belgiëlei. Because the setting showed a great resemblance to the campaign images of lordsxlilies, we immediately knew we’d discovered the perfect place. Besides the informal apartment setting, the suite on the first floor also allowed us, by opening the doors, to create a convenient path and an optimal flow along the whole floor to discover the collection in all safety. During the event, a model dressed in lordsxlilies paraded around like she was actually living there, making the attendees feel as if they were visiting a friend.

To develop the ultimate lordsxlilies look and feel, we’d styled several items of the collection by using the available furniture at the hotel. The eclectic interior provided us with the opportunity to decorate every room with the right lordsxlilies items as true eye-catchers. We’d made the bed with the brand’s softest black plaid and camel slippers, added fluffy pillows to the bed- and living room, made sure the eye mask was available on the nightstand and created extra closet space by using the bar from the shower curtain as a wardrobe. When the guests arrived, we offered them a lordsxlilies branded face mask, asked them to disinfect their hands and even gave them see-through gloves to put on when they would browse and try on the collection. For catering, we’ve opted for an organic breakfast to go in recycled packaging, keeping the circulation to a minimum.

Although we kept our physical distance during the brand launch, we did notice it created a warm feeling of proximity. After months of social distancing and being apart, all guests were very excited to see us and each other again. Since we’re true believers of honest connections and (safe) face to face interactions, we are happy to have opted for an offline event instead of an online launch. By organizing this live gathering and our usual dose of contagious enthusiasm we were able to not only successfully introduce lordsxlilies as an on-trend fashion brand, but also to put a smile on the faces of our beloved network and new client. And that’s what we do it for. Challenge completed and mission accomplished, wouldn’t you say :) ?


Event organization and production, location, copy and graphics, selection of key media & influencers and follow-up project by team MARNIX and ALLY.

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