A new Belgian collab — wolvis x Aesaert!

When two Belgian brands decide to collaborate, our interest is piqued. When those two brands happen to be owned by two friends who share a name and a passion for their craft, we know it is bound to be a success. Here’s to the wolvis x Aesaert collaboration!

"When Griet and I met, we were both architects with a secondary profession. Since then, we have both gone our separate ways,” Griet Depoorter, founder and designer of knitwear label wolvis tells us about her history with Griet Aesaert, owner and designer of the namesake brand Aesaert. The two women have known each other for years. While Depoorter swapped architecture for knitwear, Aesaert took the step to leather goods. They’ve been supporting each other from the sideline for years and now the time has come for them to combine their expertise for a limited edition creation.

The idea was to design a classic Aesaert bag in the typical wolvis style. Depoorter explains that she had her mind set on a stylish XL bag that can hold toys, diapers and the necessities for a weekend away with friends. She created the woven textile design for the bag in line with the wolvis SS21 collection. Depoorter drew inspiration from her childhood memories of the Belgian coast. “The pattern on the bag has its origins in the repetitive but reassuringly familiar apartment complexes along our coastline. I grew up watching these buildings and felt inspired by them.”

Aesaert jumps in: “Without knowing it, we had the exact same type of bag in mind. The design of the fabric called for a large bag and a weekend bag was my first idea”.

The result is a woven shopper that is the perfect symbiosis between the ideas of both designers. “Our bag was almost called 'The Architect', but we decided to change it to 'The Weekender'. We don't want to confuse anyone. We may both be architects, but you take this bag with you on weekends or to the beach. With a picnic and a bottle of wine.”

The Weekender is available in a limited edition of 50 numbered pieces and can be ordered via the webshop of wolvis and Aesaert.

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